Domodossola_centro_storico          DOMODOSSOLA

This very ancient market has been built, on what was once the Napoleon and Simplon Road is the real heart of the Ossola Valleys. On a very close hill lies the Sacro Monte (sacred mountain) dedicated to the Calvary, a Unesco World Heritage since 2003.      

valle vigezzo          VIGEZZO VALLEY

Once we reach the valley ( by bus or by a narrow-panoramic train ), we will visit the Chimney Sweep Museum in Santa Maria Maggiore and after a traditional mountain lunch, we will arrive to the imposing miraculous Basilica of the blood Madonna, “Madonna del Sangue” in the village of Re.

1771304         VOGOGNA AND ITS CASTLE

Considered one of the most beautiful Old villages in Italy is also called “stone flower”, still protected by its medieval castle.

macugnaga2         MACUGNAGA

At the foot of the Monte Rosa mountain lies this village, where we can discover the secrets of the only visitable Gold Mine in Europe while being accompanied by the traditional Walser people.

mergozzo (33)         MERGOZZO

We will take a walk in the small village and we will visit the Stonemason Museum to see the longest granite chain in the world!!!


By following the ancient “Walser” culture, we can go up to the Formazza Valley to reach the foot of the river “Toce” Waterfall, the second highest in Europe which reaches 143 meters.