1 (11)          ORTA LAKE

Discover the old village of Orta and the Island of San Giulio with its millenary basilica, which has been guarded for 30 years by the silent Benedictine nuns.
(we can walk from the parking to the Old village or we can take the little tourist train)


sacro monte 2          SACRO MONTE DI ORTA (Sacred Mountain of Orta)

Take a guided visit in this wonderful religious complex made between 1591 and 1798. It is composed of 21 chapels in which the statues and the frescos represent the history of San Francesco of Assisi.
It is a Unesco World Heritage and a Natural Special Reserve of the Piedmont Region. (we can reach the top of the hill by walking, or by the little tourist train)


corc orta          LAKE ORTA CRUISE

A cruise is the best way to enjoy the view of all the small villages overlooking this cosy lake. It is possible to stop in Orta and the Island of San Giulio.