imagesZHSC8DI5          MILAN

Exchange and fashion capital of Italy.  Famous for its Castle Sforzesco, its gothic Cathedral, various shops and the Theater la Scala where you can hear the sounds of  world famous artisits.

imagesEJCELMGG          TURIN

First capital of Italy. A rich unknown city just waiting to be discovered: Royal Palace, the Royal church of St. Lawrence, the Cathedral with the saint Shroud, the ancient Roman city and biggest entryway in Italy, the Mole monument with its magnificent museum of cinema and the second biggest Egyptian Museum in the world.


imagesAEDKDEB6          LAKE OF COMO

Como: a comfortable city where Romans left their trail. The harmony of a history of 4 centuries absorbed in its cathedral. Volta square, the medieval lanes and towers, the church of St. Fedele. Possibility of boat trips to discover the famous villas of the Lake.
images0T5RAS6P    VILLA CARLOTTA in Tremezzo

The villa contains a great garden and a wonderful collection of masterpieces; moreover, it contains imperial furniture of the old owners.

 images9PUHN44L             BELLAGGIO

A Jewel of the lake with the typical picturesque lanes. The national monument church of St. James and Phillip and the shops rich with the silk of Como.


images3CFK4IXJ          LUGANO

Rich and sumptuous. Very elegant, its buildings of the 19thcentury… Nassa Street, with fashionable shops, which accompanies the wayfarer from the heart of the town “Riforma Square” to the church “Santa Maria degli Angioli” where you can enjoy the most important Renaissance fresco of Switzerland.
The town park of Villa Ciani, the independence Square and the Casinos.
Possibility to visit the chocolate factory and its museum (time of route 20 minutes by bus)